We are a group of people brought together by our love of ties, the love of being the sharpest looking bloke in a room.

We wear ties every second of the day, no matter what the task, there’s always a tie for the situation.

Slilo 1olsen
The BellsmenThe Olsenator
President, Chief Whiner, Chief Dictator or Orders, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, VisionaryManaging Director, Chief Fashion Director, The Man in the Mirror, Former Future Pro Basketballer, Social Media Man
Born on a remote plantation, The Bellsmen quickly realized the importance of fashion and in particular ties. After a professional golf career ended due to a lack of nerve, he focused his attention on Uni and developing MyTie monthly. He is a qualified accountant, and tie mogul.The Olsenator brings a high level of confidence, and fashion input to the team. The man behind the MyTieMonthly idea, he was once an aspiring model before turning his focus to designing ties. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror, and brushing his locks.
Silo 5Businessman silhouette
The BranditStrawbinator
Chief Technology Officer, Senior Programmer, Former Professional Tennis PlayerSenior Stock Handler, shipping magnate, the finisher.
The Brandit toured the globe as a professional tennis player, before realizing his true dream of owning a tie business. He know spends his days building houses, and making websites. The Strawbinator followed his family business of making tyres, before seeing the light and turning his attention to Ties. He is a renown man of muscle, and has no problems in arranging the shipping allotments for our ties.

Silo 4
Texas Ranger
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Good Ideas, All round good guy
The Texas Ranger once held aspirations of being a doctor, before settling for a career in numbers. He is a career tight ass, who enjoys hording his cash in a old suitcase.